UN Local Surge Recruitment

Worldwide, Worldwide

In light of the current transportation restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, CANADEM is looking for seasoned professionals with previous relevant experience for UN field offices in their current locations. Most needed field placements are in: 

Bangladesh; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Burkina Faso; Cambodia; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Colombia; Congo, Brazzaville; DR Congo; Ethiopia; Guyana; Iran; Iraq; Jordan; Laos; Libya; Malawi; Mali; Mozambique; Myanmar; Namibia; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Pakistan; Panama; Philippines; Somalia; South Sudan; Sudan; Syria; Thailand; Turkey; Uganda; Uruguay; Venezuela; Yemen.

If you are citizen or resident of one of these states and are an expert in

1. Gender Based Violence
2. Sexual and Reproductive Health
3. Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
4. Logistics
5. Public Health Support
6. Psycho Social Support or
7. Humanitarian Officer/Coordination
8. Protection

Most positions are for 3 to 6-months deployments.

Apply here:

Given the travel restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are specifically seeking individuals located in the above countries to support in-country surge response efforts.

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