Chase The System Not The Goals

Chase The System Not The Goals

 Everyone obviously has life goals, to achieve in our lifetime. So we engage in activities and process which draws us closer to achieving our goals.

However, not many prolong the process, once they achieved their objectives. The feeling of being triumphant is only short-lived, when you finally achieve your goals and halt the process.

The process is a continuous, life-long and systematic  approach you undergo daily toward achieving your goals. The occurrence of this process lead you to your innermost hidden potentials, which you might be unaware of.  In the long run, there will be challenges and obstacles along the way. Apparently, part of the process to nurture and refine your abilities, as you face such daunting challenges and overcome them. 

For example, you aspire be a writer (goal). You engage in writing daily to improve and master the art of writing (system). You attain the peak of your career due to  consistency, but still keep up with the system( continuously) without relenting which yield unimaginable positive reward at a later time.

So chase  your system consistently, and watch how you smash goals effortlessly which in return harness your innermost abilities.


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